Expanding the Use Cases by crossing borders

Users in various sectors choose Fazzination for its focus on knowledge and crossing border collaboration. Fazzination is not just another App or tool: users and organizations get inspired and collaborate in one network.

Fazzination's user-centered architecture enables radical new applications in public, private and collaborative modes and between different user-types. Known solutions like Office 365 prevent this kind of cross-boundary and seamless journeys by putting their business model and architecture first.

Expanding the Use Cases

Use Cases on Fazzination
  • Private or personal expertises: build up links, stories, media
  • Experts and Knowledge workers collaborate + publish results
  • Build a congress, event or festival
  • Trans-organizational collaboration and co-promotion
  • Collaborative Pinboards
  • Narrative Learning Modules
  • Collaborative Journalism Network
  • News template ├índ Archive
  • Art and Book Collections
  • Local Community Collaborative Projects
  • Interfacesbetween Organization SaaS and public/private partners
  • Networked content curation

  • An example of a public dossier on an investigation by Dutch Parliament.

    Use Case Utrecht

    Users from various domains participate in Fazzination. Here is an example of large SaaS account. Utrecht at Fazzination is a kind of 'programmatic' city, an urban magazine, where all knowledge and information domains are covered and where users manage subjects and participate.

    Use Case Utrecht

    Another example of Utrecht. This magazine is part of Utrecht Platforms. Various local business service organizations, with shared purpose, are accessible to the public on one point of entry. On Fazzination the Magazine concept discloses all topics and information areas of a user, client, theme or else. The Magazine is designed for visual scanning and browsing. The Quick Navigation in the menu adds a traditional filesystem and overview at the content.

    Same Purpose Organizations

    User account where documents are shared in private among an invited group of users.

    Project Management New Style